Who We Are

A company that want to make your life, not only longer, but better

Our Story

We created a new concept of Natural Vitamins Store and Health Center where we investigated through a general check up of the state of physical and mental health, in which we detected all the deficiencies that organism needs and after a complete detailed report where we define and guide a treatment individual and personalized to the cliente, always seeking to maximize and enhance the effects of natural medicines to improve lifestyle.
The History
Life Pills is a North American high quality brand, with over 60 own products on the market to promote health and wellness.

We love to take care of our customers. This interaction is essential for our purpose of making the life beautiful in and outside and are helping us changing the life of thousands of people.

Tais Piovezan

Tais Piovezan   / President

Quality and Compliance

Our products have been made from the vast experience of the partners in the area of health. All products developed considering case study over 15 years experience in Brazil in the clinic and in natural medicine and orthomolecular therapy.

The factory has extensive line of new products in development for health, beauty and well being..

The production takes place in the United States and will be distributed also to South America and Europe. It is one of the largest and most respected manufacturers.

The company uses the best raw materials to manufacture your product portfolio based on vitamins and minerals. These raw materials undergo stringent quality tests to assess the purity, consistency, concentration of nutrients and short-and long-term stability.

The supplements of Life Pills are a success by ensuring quality and accessibility of the product to the consumer, that every day cares more about your health and is faithful to use of the products Life Pills for your proven effectiveness.


We have a physical and online store, as well as a complete Health Center, with a pleasant environment and the latest equipment to service for our customers.

Factory and Laboratory

The whole process of manufacture of the products Life Pills is inspected by the FDA. The products are designed, fully finished and already labeled. Our production laboratory constantly invests in technology to maintain the high quality of the extensive line of vitamins and supplements. The products undergo two quality standards, a monitored by the FDA. After the process, based on national legislation. our priority eh promote health to our customers, so none of the products Life Pills contains sodium, sugar, gluten and tartrazine dye.

Premium quality

Fast delivery

1 year warranty